PACT 2007: Events

International Conference on 
Parallel Architecture and Compilation Techniques
Brasov, Romania
Sept 15-19, 2007

The Sixteenth International Conference on
Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT)
Brasov, Romania
September 15-19, 2007

PACT 2007 Events

[ Sunday - Concert & Dinner   |   Monday - Banquet   |   Tuesday - Excursion ]

Sunday - Organ Concert in the Black Church & Dinner at Cerbul Carpatin

Piata Sfatului (Council Square)   Black Church

18:00 (6:00pm): Organ Concert in the Black Church, performed by Eckart Schlandt. On the northwestern side of Piata Sfatului (Council Square) rises the imposing Black Church (see map). Originally it was called St. Marys Church - from 1385, when construction work began, until the fire in 1689. After the fire, due to the color of the blackened outer walls, it received the name of The Black Church and it is known as a symbol of the Transylvanian Gothic art. The church shelters the largest and most valuable collection of Oriental rugs (over 100). The pews constitute another element of patrimony of the Black Church, together with the renowned 4000-pipe organ, that was installed in 1839.

19.00-22.00 (7:00-10:00pm): Dinner at the Cerbul Carpatin restaurant . The Cerbul Carpatin (Carpathian Stag) restaurant is situated in Piata Sfatului, near the old City hall of medieval Brasov (see map). The building which houses the restaurant was built between 1541-1547 on the order of Appolonia Hirscher, the then mayor's wife. The building, once a trade center which housed merchants of famous brotherhoods, now is a traditional Romanian restaurant on the ground floor. The cellar and the wine cellar are famous for the different types of wines presented and tasted in a medieval atmosphere. Our evening will start with a visit to the cellar where we'll have a snack and taste three types of Romanian wines. During the traditional Romanian dinner, there will be a performance by the Folkloric Assemble "Cerbul Carpatin."

Monday - Banquet

18.00 (6:00pm): Conference Banquet. The conference banquet will be held in the ARO-Palace hotel restaurant.

Tuesday - Excursion to Poina Brasov, Bran Castle, and Cheile Gradistei

12.00 (noon): Departure from ARO-Palace Hotel We will assemble in front of the ARO-Palace hotel and we will board busses. En route to Poiana Brasov (10 km from Brasov) we'll make a stop at Belvedere terrace for a view of Brasov.

13.00 (1:00pm): Traditional Romanian lunch at the Sura Dacilor (Dacian Shed) restaurant in Poina Brasov. Lunch includes spit roasted lamb. (Romanians are descendants, from about two thousand years ago, of Dacians and Romans, and Romanian is a romance language.)

15.00 (3:00pm): Visit Bran (Dracula's) Castle . We will have guided tours of the castle. The yard of the castle is surrounded by nice boutique where many gifts can be found.

18.30 (6:30pm): Traditional Romanian dinner at Cheile Gradistei Restaurant. The evening will start with a camp fire. The restaurant became famous after it was featured on a Discovery Channel show. A mountain river flows through the middle of the restaurant, and its flowing water powers a miniature wooden mill.

22.00 (10:00pm): Arrive back at the ARO-Palace Hotel.