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New York City, July 16-18, 2006

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NYU, RPI, Texas A&M

WAFR 2006: Travel Information

WAFR 2006: Travel Information

There are many options for traveling to WAFR 2006. Start with one of these sections:

There are also the following sections:

DISCLAIMER — prices, travel times, and other details are as accurate as what we've been able to find from the web and from some personal experience, but there may be errors.

If you have questions or suggestions for this page, please let us know by emailing wafr-info@wafr.org.

JFK airport to Manhattan

First of all, the JFK airport web page has a lot of information, including a nice page of ground transportation options from JFK. Below is a summary of the main options.

My recommendation: If you don't want to pay for a taxi (or if it's rush hour), then take the train.

Newark airport to Manhattan

First of all, the Newark airport website has a lot of information, including a page with ground transportation options from Newark. Below is a summary of options and costs.

My suggestion: if you don't want to pay for a cab, then take the train, but if you can get one of the busses to downtown Manhattan then that will put you with walking distance (or a $5 cab ride) to the hotel.

LaGuardia airport to Manhattan

First of all, the LaGuardia Airport website has a lot of information, including a page on ground transportation from LGA. Your options from LaGuardia include:

Arriving by train

Penn Station is easily accessible by Amtrak trains from many places in the US. However, the trains are most convenient along the Washington, D.C. to New York corridor and also in the New York to Boston corridor. Although reservations are generally not necessary, you can make reservations and buy tickets online through their web site.

To get from Penn Station to the hotel, see the the Getting to the Tribeca Grand from Manhattan section.

Arrival by car

The Tribeca Grand Hotel is located at 2 Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) in downtown Manhattan. Their drop-off and loading zone is located on Church Street, not on 6th Avenue.

I wouldn't recommend driving to the hotel, though — not because of crazy New York drivers/taxis but because of the parking situation. A better option would be to Park & Ride.


Park & Ride

If you are driving to WAFR, a better option is to park outside the city and take one of the commuter trains into Manhattan. The network of commuter rail trains into New York is pretty extensive. There are three systems of commuter trains:

You should be able to find a station that has parking for around $4-6 per day from which you can take a train into Manhattan for $10-20 that will take from 30 minutes to over an hour. The above web sites have information about the schedules, stations, etc.

I would suggest identifying at least two stations in case the parking lot/garage at one of them is full. However, if you are arriving on a Saturday, this shouldn't be a problem. Also, make sure that you can park there overnight (and, probably, prepay via parking vending machines) for however long you'll be in the city.

These trains will deposit you in Manhattan at Grand Central or Penn Station. See the Getting to the Tribeca Grand from Manhattan section for information on getting to the hotel from these locations.

Getting to the Tribeca Grand from Manhattan

The Tribeca Grand hotel is located at 2 Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue).

Many arrival options into Manhattan will deposit you at Penn Station, Port Authority (bus station), or Grand Central Station. From there you can:

Getting from the NYU dorms (student lodging) to the Tribeca Grand (conference hotel)

The NYU Dorms (Hayden Hall, 33 Washington Sq W) are about 1 mile from the Tribeca Grand (2 6th Ave. at Church St.). This is a 10-ish minute walk straight down 6th Ave. (Avenue of the Americas) or 2 stops on the A/C/E trains (the closest subway stop for the Tribeca Grand is "Canal St" and the closest stop for the NYU dorms is "W. 4th St.- Washington Square").

Getting around NYC by subway

Here are some basic things you should know:

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