The Bright Building - Download Files

BB32CTF0.ZIP - ~1.3 MB includes .BSP=Quake run-time/ .TXT=README
BB32MAP0.ZIP - ~370 KB includes .MAP=Quake-level source/.WAD=textures used/.BAT=creates .BSP/.TXT=README
BB32BMP0.ZIP - ~45 KB includes the building blocks used to create the .MAP/ .TXT=README
BMP2MAP - program I created for this project -- needed if you download BB32BMP0.ZIP
wQBSP - Ken Alverson's QBSP.EXE for GL Quake -- needed if you download BB32MAP0.ZIP
ARGHLITE - Tim Wright's LIGHT.EXE -- needed if you download BB32MAP0.ZIP
RVIS - Team Fortress's VIS.EXE -- needed if you download BB32MAP0.ZIP
Note: all executables above are MS-DOS or Win95 based programs.
Note2: The BB32*.ZIPs should also be available at
Grab a Weapon Main Design Goals

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